Here are some tutorials for how to style and modify your wigs! Since you’ll be using heat to style and modify your wigs, it’s important that you know how hot your wig can handle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when buying a wig, but if you’re still nervous or unsure whether or not your wig can handle it, take a few hairs in the back and test it, or just stick to using a hairdryer on medium or low heat. It’s also very important to make sure your wig is securely pinned down before you start, since you’ll be pulling and shaping your wig.

-Blowdry your wig upside down to direct the fibres upwards, making it easier to shape
-Make a section and tease the base of the spike to hide any gaps. If you want to be sure your sections are all moderately the same, section them out before styling and secure them with small elastics.
-Mold and shape spikes with gel or hair spray, then dry with hairdryer. Got2B is the best products for styling wigs, and they’ll hold the best and longest. Gel gives a more wet look, spray gives a more fluffy look. Just remember that less is more with products.
-For wavy spikes, heat it, shape the waves, and let it cool in the shape

-If your wig isn’t already in a pony when you buy it, you can figure out if it’s designed to pony nicely by looking at the back to see if the hair is pointing upwards to hide the weft.
-Take a small section out where you want your pony to sit, and tightly wrap an elastic on.
-Grab a larger section surrounding the first and secure it with another elastic. Doing more than one section will make sure it doesn’t slip down or move no matter how much you whip your hair around.
-Be sure the last layer is thoroughly smoothed down before securing them, any bumps or flaws will show through even if it’s an inner layer.

-One option is you can sew in extra wefts to hide gaps and make it look less like a wig when you pull it back.
-Another option is to pull tiny sections near the hairline, pull them through to the inside of the cap, and wrap them around and back to the rest of the hair.
-Blowdrying it back will help hold it in shape and hide any missed gaps.

-Decide where you want your part to be and blowdry it on low. You can use clips to make sure the hair stays in place if it blows around too much.
-Pull tiny sections across to hide wefts if need be.

-Section out your bangs and tease the base from the inside/middle of the section to help it stand up.
-Blowdry while holding the section up to get lots of volume
-Cut a piece of cardboard (or use a cardboard tube) as tall as you want the poof to be and secure it at the hairline to stand your hair up on
-Hairspray the section, blowdry it until it’s warm, and position it over the cardboard while it cools.
-Smooth out any flaws or flyaways with a bit of hairspray and a comb.