Sewing & Costuming


In this video, you’ll learn how to secure a knot, as well as 3 basics hand-sewing stitches;
-Running stitch: Used for sewing basic seams, sewing on patches, and holding two fabrics in place.
-Back stitch: Used for most hand-stitch work, good for both simple and complicated seams since it’s sturdy and versatile.
-Blanket stitch: Used to reinforce the edge of thick materials, ideal for bonding edges that are unhemmed.


This video teaches you how to do a slip stitch, also known as a ladder stitch, which is ideal for finishing stuffed pieces without the stitching showing outside the seam.


This link will teach you How to draft a copycat pattern, where you duplicate the pattern of an existing garment, as well as how to create a pattern for a fitted tank top from scratch. It’s easiest and best to start out with simple garments, and as you gain experience you can get more elaborate and creative with your patterns.