Things to remember to pack before leaving the house:
~Water bottle – All conventions either have water fountains or bottle refill stations, remember that you’re walking around and sweating even if you don’t notice, so drink lots!
~Food/snacks – Yes, there will be places to buy food while you’re there, but prices are always bumped way up so do yourself a favour, and save tons of money, by just bringing your own snacks and food.
~A hand-held fan – It can get really hot in the conventions, so a fan can come in handy.
~A small repair kit – Just small things like a needle, some thread, safety pins, and if you have anything that might need it, glue gun and a few glue sticks.
~Phone charger – Your poor battery can take quite a hit with all the pictures you’ll probably be taking, avoid being stranded with a dead battery and bring a spare charger. You’ll also be a hero for that poor soul that forgot theirs.
~Deodorant – It can get pretty warm, which means you might get smelly. Do yourself and everyone else a favour and bring some, just in case.

Tips and tricks while at a convention:
If you’re not a morning person, but you have to be early, buy a coffee the night before so you don’t need to stress over one more thing to do in the morning.

Designate a meet-up spot in case your group gets separated and someone doesn’t have a phone, or some of the group wants to see a panel and the rest would rather wander the convention.

Arrive at least 30 minutes early to panels to get good seats, and at least an hour early if it involves a celebrity as they’ll fill up very quickly.

Be polite when taking pictures of people, go up to them and ask permission. Just because they’re in cosplay doesn’t mean they’re okay with you taking a picture without their knowledge (Cosplay Is Not Consent)

If you’re getting your picture taken, don’t do it in the middle of the walking space. Find somewhere that isn’t high traffic and do it there, so you don’t create a problem for everyone around you.

Be mindful of your surroundings, especially if parts of your cosplay are prone to knocking things over. Artists have worked hard on their things, they would prefer if you didn’t damage them.

Don’t leave your trash laying around, by keeping things clean on your own you make the experience for other cosplayers and the cleaning staff so much more enjoyable.

Be respectful of the cleaning crew, security, and volunteers. These conventions wouldn’t be possible without them.