Masquerade Advice

Here are a few tips for those who are just getting started or curious about how to get into the masquerading side of conventions.

-There are 4 tiers in masquerades: novice (never won before), journeyman (won novice), artisan (won specific award at journeyman), and master (3+ artisan awards)

-Before the convention starts, check the website and if you have any questions, email the director.

-Some masquerades will let you enter just for fun without the judging portion, so you can get practise before trying for any awards.

-Double check audio before leaving home, and have multiple forms of media for it. There’s no guarantee the organizers will be able to play certain types of files.

-Make a fail save plan for if audio doesn’t work, prepare a replacement skit that works without audio.

-Tableau works for a walk-on performance, but come up with at least 3 poses that show off all angles of your cosplay for the audience and judges.

-Embody your character. For those moments on stage, you are them. Move like them, think like them, be them.

-Follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid.

-Test your skit on friends in the fandom, make sure your jokes pass because if they don’t, your performance won’t be very effective.

-Own the stage for the time you have, make the audience pay attention to you.

-Long is long enough, even 30s can make a huge difference with your skit.

-Triple check and make a checklist that you have everything before leaving for the convention.

-If you have lines, prerecord them so everyone can hear you clearly from the back of the room.

-YouTube tutorials are your friend, get inspiration from others and take notes of what does and doesn’t work well.

-Take 360 pictures of your cosplay so judges can see all the details up close while you perform.

-Progress pictures are good proof you actually made it, and shows your crafting capabilities.

-Remember things will be seen from afar, be aware of how things look from a distance whether it’s costume or performance related.

-Be honest with the judge if you’re on a budget, they’ll be less likely to take marks off if you explain why it is you cut corners or took the easier way of crafting.

-Skill>Budget, how well you craft things often outweighs how high quality your materials are.