About the editor

The editor in a Spyro the Dragon cosplay.
Meet the editor!

-What was your first cosplay?
The Joker from DC Comics. I bought everything from Value Village, none of it I made myself. It looked horrid and I still shudder when I see a picture of it.

-What was your first convention, and what made it memorable?
Anime North 2008. I remember being so nervous that I clung to my friend who took me for the whole first day. But by the second day, I tried my best to make new friends. Mind you, this was back when “FREE HUGS” signs were still allowed, so I just kinda hung out with a small group of people who hugged me, and then they introduced me to more people. I’m still really good friends with some of them to this day, I guess it just goes to show how close we are as a community.

-What’s your favourite convention experience to this day?
Fan Expo 2015, I was cosplaying Spyro the Dragon (as I often do) and this kid who was no older than 8 came charging at me full speed screaming “SPYRO YOU’RE MY HEROOOOOOOOO!!!!!” and tackle-hugged me at full force. Then he got in really close and whispered “We don’t talk about Skylanders though…” with the big grin. His dad was super embarrassed and apologized a dozen times, but honestly it’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

-Any advice to people just getting started in the cosplay world?
Being 100% accurate is nowhere NEAR as important as having fun and pouring your heart and soul into cosplay. Yes, an accurate to the very last stitch cosplay is impressive and all, but at the end of the day people are way more excited to find someone with a similar interest to you. Also, make sure you bring food and lots of water. Restaurants nearby are always super crowded and they always raise their prices, so bringing your own is way easier.